Modular Frames & Stands

A confident, well thought out display can make the difference between achieving your goals and being overlooked. When designing and constructing a display stand, whether for a public event such as a conference or festival or for a display window in commercial premises, using a modular stand or frame gives you freedom and flexibility. You can easily extend your framework, or by using some of the different accessories available, you can modify or reinvent your display, enabling you to present a fresh look for a different occasion. Our display stands are designed to be easy to construct, and also easy to take apart if you need to transport them between sites or venues. Some can even be reconstructed using the same components in different configurations, to suit a new space or a modified requirement. Our modular display stands are also ideal as a framework to support screens, allowing you to deliver multimedia and Power point presentations, slides and film footage at any venue. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with easy to use, versatile products which allow businesses, public bodies and charities alike to present to their audience the look and feel they desire. We do this by offering a wide choice of display systems and by helping you to choose the right display system for you and your venture. Please have a look at our Ideas page for some of the best display systems that you can employ. If you would like any further advice on which display systems are best for you, please feel free to contact us

'Lite' Stands & Accessories

Create your own unique stand! Start with a basic 1.5m support frame, then accessorise with your choice of extras! Add acrylic holders or snap frames to display posters, leaflet dispensers and business card holders to offer literature, or signs for branding. Choose the right stand, then mix and match accessories to suit your needs!

Stands & Accessories

Flexible, free standing modular aluminium frame displays. Accessories from Shop Display Systems allow you to use them for many purposes! Incorporate infill panels to make free-standing screens. Attach poster and brochure holders to create many styles of information display. Include banners and large format prints to produce sign stands. Let your imagination run riot!

Vertical Posts & Accessories

The very simplest of our modular display stands - a single vertical post on a base. Add single post accessories such as table-tops from this section, or any of our modular post-fix accessories - hangers, signs, leaflet and brochure holders or poster holders for a display stand with a small footprint but a lot of possibilities!

Angle-Top Posts & Accessories

Modular display stands with angled plates. Add a single large sign or poster holder to create a menu stand for a restaurant, or perhaps a data point for a museum or entrance sign for any reception area. Top with a multi-poster panel for an effective estate agent display stand, or incorporate lipped shelves or brochure holders to offer literature.

Post-Fix Accessories

Accessories to attach to the aluminium posts which form part of our vertical post, modular frame and angled post display stands. Easily fix these anywhere in the vertical channels which run the entire length of the posts to add extra value, interest and purpose to your frame or stand! Many standard and bespoke modular accessories available!