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Some of our most popular displays

Retail Display Systems

At Shop Display Systems, we believe that our displays offer the best value for money on the market.

We offer stylish and flexible, yet affordable solutions to help you to promote and to display your products, including Point of Sale (POS), Point of Purchase (POP) and promotional displays. 

Virtually all of our displays are manufactured in Great Britain, nearly all of them in Hampshire.

UK manufacturer


On-site manufacture gives us the flexibility to offer variations on our standard products and completely bespoke displays. 

Our displays are manufactured using acrylic and other sheet materials, as well as aluminium extrusions and brass, steel and aluminium.  All of our finishes - whether plating, anodising or powder-coating are applied locally.  


A few of our most popular ranges include:

  • 10mm bar stands - Outstanding value and ever-popular. These  are 1.5m tall and offer flexible display options for posters, signs and leaflets

  • Ladder displays - Sturdy and rigid aluminium frames, including wall mounted, suspended and free standing options offering the capability of displaying large numbers of poster holders and/or leaflet holders on a single unit

  • Information Stands - A mix of styles, but with the common function of being able to display information in a mix of formats on a single stand, which could include:
  • Brochures and leaflets (using leaflet dispensers)
  • Posters and information sheets (through poster holders)
  • Video or presentation (via a media screen)
  • Branding or marketing messages (through printed signage)

Many of these stands could also be adapted to allow the display of products or merchandise by incorporating shelves, hooks or dispensers.


Our displays include suspended, wall mounted, free standing (for floor or sill) and table or counter top options that allow: 

  • PRESENTATION of merchandise, using displays with shelves, hooks and hangers, including our ever-popular carrier bag stands and suspended glass shelving;

  • PROMOTION and advertising of wares, events or services, using poster holders and leaflet dispensers, including our wide range of information and literature stands;

  • PUBLICITY of name, brand or identity, using printed displays, signs or posters, or simply pointing the way using signs and directories;  

If you don't find quite what you are looking for, then Contact Us - we can usually find a way to offer solutions to your display opportunities and challenges.

We'll certainly always do our best to help!

We can help to maximise the potential of:

  • WINDOW space, by providing displays to run attention-grabbing promotions on a media screen, or display eye-catching posters or banners to their best advantage, as well as providing shelf and cube displays to focus attention on a range of chosen products;

  • CEILING space, by offering hanging sign, directory, and poster holder displays;

  • WALL space, by supplying poster and brochure holders and shelving with a range of fixing options;

  • FLOOR space, by continually developing our range of multi-purpose stands to dispense brochures and literature, hold posters, display merchandise and/or showcase media presentations.

We are constantly evolving and developing new and improved products and welcome any comments or suggestions that will help us to create something simple, stylish, cost effective and useful!