Carrier bag stands - SDS

A flexible display range including our original robust carrier bag stand and also a 'lite' version with a narrower post and a smaller and lighter base.

Available in two different heights - 1.2m [approximately 4 feet] or 1.5m [approximately 5 feet]

Posts can be supplied split - in two parts with joining plates - for ease of transport


  • Fully adjustable along the entire length of the post
  • Stainless steel rods - standard 200mm length (6mm diameter) or heavyweight 300mm length (10mm diameter)
    [we advise against using heavyweight arms with the 'lite' stand]
  • With end stops

Hangers are also available separately

The original stand is available with a poster holder top.

Other accessories that can be fitted to the post include signs and leaflet dispensers [brochure holders] - both edge-fix and angled.