Signs, Banners & Directories Wall Mounted

SW5: Wall mount directories on panels  

Acrylic panel mounted with stand-off wall fixings, with changeable screw-in directory slats. 

Ideal for receptions and lobbies in hotels, public buildings, hospitals etc.

Bespoke versions available on enquiry

Product Code SW5-2A-3D-WHT
Price (excl. VAT) £71.00

Number of slats

to view the drawing and price of the display you require (eg by altering the 'colour' and 'number of slats').

Our directories can come in a range of colour and sizes. PLEASE ENQUIRE if the combination you are looking for is not available.


  • 5mm thick acrylic in black or white as standard, but available in further colours
  • this example is 300 x 500mm, bespoke sizes available.


  • The slats are simply screwed on to the panel (which has threaded holes to allow this).  They can be unscrewed and the slats changed or re-arranged as required.
    Please enqire if you need extra or spare plain slats - with or without vinyl lettering
  • 3mm thick acrylic in black or white as standard, but available in further colours, or a mix of colours, if you prefer!
  • this example has slats 50 x 200mm, bespoke sizes are also available.
  • basic vinyl lettering in black or white (text on the header and on each of the slats) is included.  Please enquire if you would like anything more complicated, or no text at all!


  • 12mm diameter nickel plated stand-off fixings are included to fix the panel to the wall.
  • 14mm diameter nickel plated fixings are included to fix the slats to the panel. 

Mix and match panels for a bright brand-enhancing display.


Blue directories on panel white directories on black panel  white directories on red panel