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SM3: Acrylic sneeze guards and sneeze screens 

Sneeze screens and panels.  Choose a standard type or CONTACT US for a speedy quote on custom sneeze screens.  Tell us:

  • The SIZE you require
  • The MATERIAL you would like (clear or glass-look acrylic, or the tougher PETG material)
  • What FIXINGS you need (screw holes, screws with covers, double-sided tape, or free-standing with bump-on feet)

We are currently set up for IMMEDIATE PRODUCTION of these sneeze screens for super-fast delivery!!

Product Code SM3-40x50x5-CLR-H
Price (excl. VAT) £21.70

Acrylic type
Fixing option

The COVID-19 pandemic has been described as a ‘generation-defining event’, and is sure to have a profound and lasting effect on the lives of millions.  With extreme emphasis being placed on containing the virus by social distancing, an acrylic sneeze guard from Shop Display Systems could help to protect your staff or customers.

At our UK manufacturing facility in Hampshire, we can quickly respond to your request for clear acrylic sneeze guards or sneeze screens, manufactured to the size and design you specify.  With everyone keen to respond to the COVID-19 virus threat, clear sneeze guards are ideal for any business with staff in customer-facing roles, or those who work behind a desk or counter.

PLEASE USE THE DROP-DOWN BOXES ABOVE to view different options for this item (e.g. by altering the 'fixing type').  Variations available include options in material, size and fixing method to suit your requirements.

To have a custom acrylic sneeze guard created to your exact specification, please contact us.

PLEASE ENQUIRE  for further information, advice or prices. 

Sneeze Guards and Screens: Screen specification

Our standard thickness for the sneeze screens is 5mm, but please ask if you need something different.

Our standard size of the sneeze guard is 500mm wide by 400mm high, with radius corners for safety. 

The standard materials are:

  • Clear Acrylic
  • Silicon (Glass Look) Acrylic
  • PETG (Tougher Than Acrylic)

Please ask if you need something else!

Sneeze Guards and Screens: Fixing options

Fixing options are:

    This has a 50mm return at the base (at right angles to the vertical screen), with screw holes or double-sided tape (Very High Bond) to enable it to be fixed down to a counter, desk or table.
    We optionally provide screw cap covers for neatness
    This has a 150mm deep return at the base and is slightly angled back.  It is supplied with bump-on, non-slip feet
    This is a flat panel, supplied with perpendicular clamps to provide counter top germ protection

Our products despatched from our premises in Hampshire, where we manufacture these acrylic sneeze guards and many other items.  

We will respond quickly to requests for quotations or orders for bespoke acrylic sneeze guards.

ASK about designs with side and top returns, clear acrylic, silicon acrylic or PETG guards, free standing guards (no need to screw down) or flat screens with clamps for attaching to horizontal surfaces.

   Clamp fix sneeze screenFree standing sneeze guard   Screw-down acrylic sneeze screen            Screw cap cover            perpendicular clamp