Signs, Banners & Directories Free Standing

SF1: Banner stands - frames with printed banners 

Free Standing Frames Supporting Printed Sleeve Banner:

  • An aluminium frame on weighted bases, holding a changeable printed banner
  • Single or double-sided banners
  • Many alternatives, ideal for use as anything from shop floor or window advertising to queue barriers

Product Code SF1-1980-1950-0990-S
Price (excl. VAT) £312.50

Banner size (height x width)
Height of posts

Printed Sleeve Banner Stands: Product Selection

PLEASE USE THE DROP-DOWN BOXES ABOVE to view the drawing and price of the display you require (e.g by altering the 'Banner width'):

Wide and low free standing bannersBanners chained together as queue barriers  

Free standing banners can be tall or short, narrow or wide. They can be chained together, for example when using queue barriers. Please ask for any variation not shown.

Printed Sleeve Banner Stands: Components

PLEASE ENQUIRE if the combination you are looking for is not available.

Kits are easy to assemble and consist of:

  • Upright posts in 50mm diameter satin anodised aluminium
  • 25mm diameter aluminium tubes with end fixings for securing to posts
  • powder-coated steel oval bases 400x100mm, each weighing 2kg.  If you require larger / heavier bases, we have further options - please enquire.
  • PVC banners with pockets to suit poles
  • Includes high quality full colour print with either fade-proof UV-based or Eco-Solvent inks (single-sided banners are printed on 440gsm PVC, double-sided on 740gsm PVC)


PLEASE ASK if you need some help with this!

JUST ASK if you would like a different height of frame with your banner to that shown in the picture

Printed Sleeve Banner Stands: Variations

PLEASE ENQUIRE if you need a bespoke version of this display.
We can provide variations including:

  • Banners in different sizes or material weights
  • Aluminium support tubes in different sizes
  • Aluminium posts in different heights
  • Banners to suit existing display methods (with hems and eyelets, with pole pockets for different diameters of poles or simply cut to size)
  • Banners without frames
  • Frames without banners