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VT1: Small clear or tinted acrylic display bridges 

Display Bridges:

  • Clear acrylic stands in the form of bridges to display of small or precious merchandise
  • These are available in 3mm acrylic - clear, silicon (green tinted to look like glass) or frosted, and have diamond polished edges
  • Non standard sizes are available to order

Product Code VT1-100-100-100-CLR
Price (excl. VAT) £1.80

Acrylic type

Bridge dimensionsbridge

Display Bridges: Product Selection

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Display Bridges: Main Features

  • Acrylic bridges can be used to enhance window or point of sale displays
  • Use them to display jewellery or trinkets, ornaments, crystal or beauty products
  • They can be used individually to draw attention to a single item, or can be equally effective in groups of mixed sizes

Display Bridges: Variations

PLEASE ENQUIRE if you do not see what you need.
Shop Display Systems can provide variations including:

  • Coloured acrylic bridge stands
  • 'Step' acrylic stands
  • Bespoke sizes of stands
  • Additional and bespoke designs