Shelving, hangers and cubes Suspended

VS1: Suspended glass shelves - toughened glass 

Glass shelving display ideal for windows or alcoves.

  • Toughened glass shelves (6mm thick toughened safety glass)
  • Shelves fixed to tensioned wires [cables] fixed between ceiling and floor
  • 7 standard shelf sizes, or bespoke sizes to order

Product Code VS1-444X330-3
Price (excl. VAT) £104.80

Shelves - number
Shelves - size (width x depth)

Suspended Glass Shelves: Product Selection

PLEASE USE THE DROP-DOWN BOXES ABOVE to view the drawing and price of the display you require, such as those below, by altering the 'shelves - number' and 'shelves - size (width x depth)':

5x 321 x 200mm suspended glass shelves3x 618x330mm toughened glass shelves on wireswire-suspended toughened glass shelving - 6x 234x200mm Suspended shelves with posters - A2P and 330mm deep shelfWall-suspended glass shelves - 3x 444x200mm

CLICK HERE for suspended glass shelving with poster holders.

CLICK HERE for wall-suspended glass shelf displays.

PLEASE ENQUIRE if the combination you are looking for is shown as not available.

Suspended Glass Shelves: Components

Kits are made up of:

  • Toughened glass shelves:
    These are made in 6mm thick toughened safety glass
    They are slightly chamfered and have polished edges (not sharp)
    They come in 2 standard depths and 4 standard widths
  • Tensioned wires (cables):
    Wires are 1.5mm thick
    They are suspended from the ceiling and anchored to the floor
    A tensioning mechanism in the floor fixing keeps them taut
    Wires are supplied 4m long and can be cut to length
  • Clamps to hold shelves to wires:
    Clamps grip the wires and the shelves by simply tightening grubscrews with an allen key, which is provided with the display

All components of our suspended glass shelving displays are manufactured in the UK.

Suspended Glass Shelves: Shelf Sizes

Shelf Depths

Our toughened glass shelves come in standard depths of 200mm or 330mm.

SHELF WIDTHSGlass shelving with poster holder

Our standard shelf widths are designed to work with standard sizes of poster holder. This means that posters can be added to the display if required (see product VS1A, suspended glass shelving with poster holders). 

  • Width of 234mm fits with A5 landscape or A4 portrait poster holders
  • Width of 321mm fits with A4 landscape or A3 portrait poster holders
  • Width of 444mm fits with A3 landscape or A2 portrait poster holders
  • Width of 618mm fits with A2 landscape or A1 portrait poster holders

Poster holders or extra shelves can always be added to a display later - we will supply all components separately as well as in display kits.

Standard sizes of acrylic cubes will also fit on the same wires!

Full details of dimensions and spacings for these displays can be found in the installation guide.

Suspended Glass Shelves: Variations Wall suspended glass shelving

PLEASE ENQUIRE if you need a bespoke version of this display.  

Shop Display Systems can provide variations including:

  • Displays with more shelves
  • Displays with longer lengths of wires
  • Bespoke sizes of glass shelving
  • Shelves with mixed depths
  • Thicker toughened glass shelves:
    8mm and 10mm are common thicknesses
  • Acrylic (perspex) shelves as an alternative to glass
  • Wall-suspended glass shelves (see picture to the right)

You can contact us by email or telephone. We will always be happy to answer any queries or provide quotations for bespoke displays.