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VF2C: Portable carrier bag stands 

Light-weight 1.2m carrier bag stand in carry case, ideal for taking to exhibitions:

  • Portable - weighs only 2.7kg in its case!
  • Case 630mm long x 80mm diameter
  • Fully height-adjustable arms

Product Code VF2C-1200-4
Price (excl. VAT) £133.15

Hangers (arms) - number

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Carrier bag stand emptyBag stand hangers armscarrier bag stand hanger fixing detailCross base for portable standCase for carrier bag stand

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Portable Carrier Bag Stands: Main Features

  • Ideal for hanging carrier bags, lanyards or merchandise
  • 1.2m [approximately 4 feet] tall (comes in two parts)
  • Post supplied in two halves for portability 
  • Perfect for exhibitions!

Portable Carrier Bag Stands: Components

Each 'lite' carrier bag stand kit comprises:

  • Post:
    • slimline (32mm across) satin anodised aluminium post, almost octagonal profile
    • 4 channels (grooves) running down its length to support hangers
    • 1.2m tall
    • supplied cut into 2x 600mm lengths, which are supplied with joining plates
  • Arms [hangers]:
    • slide into the channels from the top
    • fully height-adjustable - can be tightened in place in any position
    • stainless steel, 200mm long and 6mm in diameter
    • supplied with end stops to prevent bags from sliding off
  • Base
    • 'Cross' base with two inter-locking parts (each part 400 x 50mm)
    • Made in 3mm stainless steel
  • Case
    • Adjustable tube in sturdy, lightweight plastic (may be supplied in black or grey) 
    • adjusts in length from 630mm to 1100mm, with various locking positions.  
    • Carry handle
    • Twists to lock in position and to lock closed

The components are supplied unassembled, but are easy to put together.  We supply fixing instructions and the two sizes of allen keys which are required.

Further details can be found in the carrier bag stand assembly instructions.

Extra hangers or replacements for lost ones can be purchased separately.

PLEASE ENQUIRE if you need a bespoke version of this display.