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BT3: Fuzzy flat-pack protection screens 

hese screens in anti-glare acrylic allow the light through, but do heavily blur and mostly obscure the view.  They are ideal for use in offices as separators to use between workstations, for example

The face size is 620mm by 750mm.  Landscape and portrait versions are available.

Screens are available with or without an aperture at the base (please enquire)

Product Code ST3-0620-0750-N
Price (excl. VAT) £34.25

Face size (height x width)
Gap height

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Fuzzy Flat Pack Protective Screens: Specification

These sneeze screens are made from a 3mm thick vertical panel in non-reflective acrylic, which interlocks with 3mm thick feet.  These are very quick and easy to assemble - slots in the screen and the panel simply interlock.  No tools are required.

Screw holes allow the sneeze screens to be screwed down if required, or select the option to add double-sided tape to the feet to stick them down.

The size is 620mm x 750mm - select which way round you would like it!

The top corners have a small radius for safety.