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BM1: Acrylic fixing bracket 

Acrylic "L" bracket for fixing acrylic panels to surfaces such as desks, counters and walls to hold them in place.

Can also be used to hold the faces of "L" shaped hinged screens (coming soon!) at right angles.

Product Code BM1-075-T-H
Price (excl. VAT) £1.65

Bracket length
Fixing option

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Acrylic fixing bracket: Specification

The brackets are fabricated from 5mm clear acrylic.

The faces are each 50mm wide.

The options for fixings ON EACH FACE are:

  • double-sided tape - 2 lengths of VHB (very high bond) double-sided tape
  • screw holes - 2 x counter-sunk 5mm holes

A typical use of the brackets is to allow sneeze screens to be fixed to a desk or counter to keep them firmly in position.