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PM2: Hook-over acrylic poster holders for 6mm bar 

Extra Hook-On Poster Holders for 6mm Bars [Rods]:

  • Acrylic (plastic) hook over poster holders
  • Extra poster holders, or replacements for broken ones, to hook on 6mm diameter bars or rods

Product Code PM2-A4P
Price (excl. VAT) £4.62

Poster size

Hook-Over Poster Holders: Product Selection

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Hook-Over Poster Holders: Main Features

'Hook over' poster holders hook on to 6mm rods or bars. They are removable for easy changing of posters and are interchangable. They suit wall-mounted and suspended bar displays.

Detail - hook-over poster holderdetail - wire suspended hook-on poster holdersWire-suspended hook on window displayHook over poster holder wall display

The holders (pockets, wallets..) are fabricated on our premises in Hampshire, from clear acrylic and are double-sided. Holders are folded at the bottom (allowing a poster to be easily slid in) and have two hooks at the top to suit 6mm bar. It is easy to mix & match, for example, A3 landscape and A4 portrait detail posters.

Hook-Over Poster Holders: Variations

PLEASE ENQUIRE if you need a bespoke version.
Shop Display Systems can provide variations including:

  • Bespoke poster holder sizes
  • Poster holders fabricated from toughened acrylic 
  • Poster holders with different hook sizes to suit further sizes of rods and bars
  • We sell hook-on holders to suit 6mm or 25mm bars as standard, and have already made them to suit 10mm and 19mm rods for customers with different requirements

We can also supply COMPLETE KITS - both wall mounted kits and suspended kits (which include bars and all appropriate fitting and fixings for a complete display) are available.