Poster Holders Free Standing

PF12: Podium stands for posters - split batten system 

Podium style stand ideal for displaying property details, menus or other advertising posters or information.

  • Removable poster holders (using a split batten system)
  • Acrylic poster holders 
  • Angled panels in a choice of acrylics
  • Panels supported on aluminium posts

Product Code PF12-4A2D-45-SIN
Price (excl. VAT) £388.05

Panels - Material
Poster holders: size & number

Podium Stands for Posters: Product Selection

PLEASE USE THE DROP-DOWN BOXES ABOVE to view the drawing and price of the display you require, such as those below, by selecting your preference for 'poster holders: size and number', 'angle' and 'panels: material'.

The following are just a few of the possible options:

Lectern stand with 10x A4P poster holdersLectern style floor stand for mixed sizes of postersAngled stand with four A4P poster holdersPodium poster holder stand for 12 x A4 portraitFloor stand for posters with 4x A3 landscape holders

Please enquire if the combination you are looking for is shown as not available.

Podium Stands for Posters: Components

  • Acrylic [perspex] panel
    The panel is made in 10mm thick acrylic for rigidity
    It is fitted with split batten supports for the poster holders
  • Easy-to-change poster holders
    Poster holders are fabricated in 3mm thick clear acrylic
    They are fitted with a split batten support which interlocks with the one on the panel, and an acrylic spacer
  • Post or posts in satin-anodised aluminium
    Posts are 50mm diameter
    Fixing plates at the top are available at two different angles, although displays with poster holders 3 high are restricted to the steeper angle only
  • Weighted base
    Bases are circular or oval. They are made of mild steel and powder-coated in silver-grey (RAL 7001)

Split Batten System

split batten system

Acrylic [perspex] poster holders are easily removable, using a 'split batten' system.

A few versions of the lectern display stand with A3 landscape or mixed sizes are shown, but any pair of A4 portrait poster holders can be swapped for an A3 landscape, or any four for an A2 portrait - the price is not affected.

The holders are interchangeable with those on our matching wall-mounted poster panels
Choose the 'removable' poster holder option for the wall-mount displays!

Post Heights

Displays can be angled at 45 degrees (2-row displays only) or 60 degrees (2- and 3- row displays). The post heights for these are 900mm or 1m.

Displays angled at 45 degrees have a post height of 900mm

  • For displays with 2 rows of holders, the approximate overall height is 1175mm

Displays angled at 60 degrees have a post height of 1000mm (1 metre)

  • For displays with 3 rows of holders, the approximate overall height is 1390mm

Further details can be found in the assembly instructions.

Podium Stands for Posters: Variations

PLEASE ENQUIRE if you need a bespoke version of this lectern display stand.  Shop Display Systems can provide variations including:

  • Stands with holders for bespoke poster sizes
  • Stands of different heights
  • Stands with different panel finishes
    • Panels are in 10mm thick acrylic - standard options are for a clear or clear satin (frosted), black or silicon (glass-look) finish, but others are available - for example:
    • White
    • Colours
    • Opal
    • Prices available on application

LIT free standing window displayLit podium display, 4x A4P, angled


These displays are lit with bright LEDs.