Leaflet Dispensers

When out and about, the ability to access information has become more important than ever before. With an ever-growing wealth of knowledge and services available, being able to find the right information can be a challenge. Whether out shopping, visiting a public service, or attending a public event such as a festival or county fair, people will need more information in order to have access to it later on. This is where a well-placed information stand can be key.

Free Standing

Site displays where they will be most noticed and are most accessible to your customers and visitors. We can help with upright or angled information stands – poster and sign stands, literature stands to offer leaflets and brochures, or multi-functional stands. As we have provided countless stands for diverse situations and advertising purposes, we can help you to select your ideal stand, or design a bespoke stand to suit your particular needs.


Ideal displays for use in windows to catch the eye of passers-by. Double up for added value with inward-facing posters and signage as well! Hang signs, posters and way-finding information from your ceiling for overhead advertising and guidance. Perfect to use where available wall and floor space are limited or where overhead has the best visibility.

Wall Mounted

Look at walls afresh as ready-made support systems for eye-level displays! Ideal for raising brand awareness with eye-catching signs. Perfect for attention-grabbing advertising and informative posters. Great for offering brochures and pamphlets to jog memories. Just right for displaying products and artefacts. Mix and match wall mounted signs, poster holders, brochure holders, display cubes and shelves to great effect.


Reception desks and counters are perfectly placed for giving prominence and high visibility to displays. Offer leaflets and business cards, show tickets, mini signs, menus and prices, or display small items of merchandise. Position these conveniently and in prime position by making use of existing counters, table tops, desk tops and shelves.


Miscellaneous displays. Also individual display kit components for use as spares, replacements or extras.